What we can do for You

SMS will deliver skillful assistance using financial and business tools that will connect families and individuals to essential resources through training, coaching and assisting those in need in order to increase home ownership and build strong and thriving communities throughout Minnesota.

In an era of budget cuts, immigrant service organizations need to do more with less and seek out incentive programs and strategies that most clients are unable to access. SMS has been created to fill this gap, and to provide expert training and useful information so that new immigrants can become homeowners and successful innovators in business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist refugees and immigrants in need, focusing on particular needs of the Somali Families and Individuals living in the City of Saint Cloud, MN, through partnerships, services and programs that are timely, culturally appropriate and addresses their concern.



The SMS Vision

Build vibrant, Health and Wealthy African Communities in Saint Cloud Stearns County.

The founders of this organization envision SMS to be an exemplary and premier charitable organization in good governance and effective management. The organization will utilize best practices of nonprofit management, such as rigorous accountability, transparency, frequent evaluation of its personnel and programs, and prohibition of conflict of interest.

The Board of Directors of SMS will employ all relevant generally accepted accounting and controlling principles and methods to ensure a strong safeguard of its resources. The organization will stay away from political influence and any other activities outside its charitable mission.