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Welcome to Somali Multi Service

What we can do for You

SMS will deliver skillful assistance using financial and business tools that will connect families and individuals to essential resources through training, coaching and assisting those in need in order to increase social services and build strong and thriving communities throughout Minnesota..

SMS Vision

Somali Multi Service Build vibrant, Health and Wealthy African Communities in Minnesota.

African immigrant families

SMS create opportunities for African professionals in Minnesota to assist parents with raising and educating youth. These volunteers have special insight into the issues and challenges facing Somali immigrant families in Minnesota, experience and visibility as leaders among this community.

Relationship with Other Organizations

The organization is working to bridge the social and cultural barriers that exist between Somali and African refugees and immigrants and the structures, organizations, and service providers in Minnesota. It intends to continuously build relationships with various service providers that work with and assist Somali and African refugee and immigrant communities.