Somali Multi Service (SMS) is a nonprofit charitable organization registered with the State of Minnesota, 501(c) (3) status from the IRS. The purpose of this organization is to provide economic, educational, cultural, and other charitable work to Somali immigrant families in Minnesota. All funds and other resources of this organization will be devoted to this purpose. This organization will solicit grants, donations, and other gifts from individuals and organizations.

The number of African immigrants in Minnesota has significantly increased since 1990. The number of Africans in Minnesota is estimated to be more than 150,000. For instance, Minnesota has the largest Somali community in the United States. Somalis are also the largest African immigrant group in the state. Other large African communities include Ethiopian, Liberian, Sudanese, and Nigerian Communities. Job opportunities, safe environment, and quality education opportunities are among the attracting factors. African refugees and immigrants still continue to arrive. Therefore, African families in Minnesota will grow as new immigrants continue to arrive and new children are born. Most Africans live in the Twin Cities. They are mostly concentrated in Saint Cloud neighborhoods, such Waite Park neighborhood, but are increasingly found in suburbs and in larger towns throughout Minnesota.

African immigrant families experience numerous educational, cultural, health, and employment challenges and barriers to be fully integrated into the hosting society.