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Our Programs

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Somali Youth Development

The Somali Youth Development is intended to teach Somali youth about nutrition and other healthy habits that support a positive lifestyle and educational enrichment. The volunteer-led program has, in its past, been characterized by a decrease in the number of Somali youth involved in criminal activity, as well as a marked improvement in the school grades of the youth participants. SMS programs benefit from dedicated staff who are proficient in the Somali language, as well as shared resources derived from wider program provision and related funding sources.


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ESL, Vocational and Family Literacy

Working with adults and parents, Preschool and After-School Classes are held at our sites to fit your schedule. ESL class, single mothers’ support group. The age range of clients we serve is between 7 and 8. SMS serves grade school children ages 7 to 18, adults, and seniors.


Other Programs

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SMS Culturally Specific Mentoring Program

The SMS Culturally Specific Mentoring Program is based on the philosophy that springs from the belief that reformative, transformational change is possible for troubled Somali youth in the juvenile probation system. The program’s positive approach would promote the principles of mutual respect between all participating parties including youth clients toward each other, mentors, staff and other volunteer service providers. Mentors will receive adequate and continuous training and the youth will be sufficiently oriented.


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Economic Development Programs

Somali and other East African refugees and immigrants, having left nations with agrarian subsistence economies and high illiteracy, experience higher rates of poverty based on the lack of financial literacy. The East African refugee population in Saint Cloud is mainly comprised of large families, often with 5-11 children, some with female head of households. Often the households include extended family members: nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. Most of these families reside in Twin Cities and surronunding area on public assistance. To tackle the language and cultural barriers as well as the challenge of getting to know a completely new financial system upon moving to the U.S., SMS created an educational program specific to its population. We help the Saint Cloud East African community achieve self-sufficiency through a number of successful projects addressing economic development, including microenterprise and employment services.